Sunday, December 31, 2006

bikes cars& food

We need bikes ...........

We need cars for our convinence.........and as a symbol of status...........

We need roads, fly overs for smooth movement of the traffic..............

Lakhs of people in the country use bikes and cars. Some more lakhs of them will buy the cars if cars are available at a cost of 1 lakh. Its a good thing because every middle class man will have a dream to buy a car in his life time [don't think about pollution and all]..............

We need fly overs so that who have purchased cars can travel easily in city limits , their time is not wasted in traffics, they can develop lot of softwares and hardwares which help in making the INDIA SHINE
We need metro rails We need electricity , we need atomic power, thermal power, we need railways .......... we need evrything which makes our life sophisticated........... but

don't We need food??!!!!!
Food is the only thing in the country that is used and that is needed by everyone in the country inspite of his richness......... whether he is having car or bike .......... he is from rural or urban areas..............
What is happening? we are supporting the companies which provide us cars but at the cost of thousands of acres of fertile land.
We can live without cars but can we live without food..............??!!
Any so called developmental process the people from the rural areas mostly the agricultural land owners and the poorer section of the society are getting affected and we the city people are most benefited by those projects.
Kudremukh national park --- tribes are affected
BMIC --- agriculturists affected
Singur tata car project ---- again ariculturists are affected
Thermal project in Raichur in addition to acquiring the lands ..... the after effects are destroying the plants and lands.
The list never ends.......
It is not right to build our dreams of glory and our bunglows over annadatha's grave yard

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Naxalite' killed in police encounter

SRINGERI/BANGALORE: Sringeri police, in association with the anti-naxal force (ANF), gunned down a suspected naxalite in the thick forests of Kesumudi village near Kigga in Sringeri taluk of Chikmagalur district on Monday night. The identity of the man who died in the police "encounter" has not been established yet. Initially, the police identified the person as one Vikram Gowda. However, they retracted their statement after the parents of Vikram Gowda revealed that the body was not their son's.

According to the official version, the police received information that naxalites had organised a meeting outside the house of Yogappa at Kesumudi in Sringeri taluk on Christmas night. Following this, the Sringeri police and the ANF swiftly surrounded the village and then the house of Yogappa at around 10.20 p.m. However, by then the naxalites had left Yogappa's house.

Superintendent of Police of Chikmagalur district Vipul Kumar told The Hindu that the naxalites, who had left the house but were still in the vicinity, noticing that they were surrounded, fired at the police. The police returned the fire in which one naxalite was killed. On Tuesday morning, the police found the body of a man at the spot of the encounter.

Meanwhile, Yogappa, near whose house the naxalites are said to have organised a meeting, has identified the body as that of one of the three naxalites who had visited the village the previous night.

According to sources in the village, three naxalites, two of them women, visited the village and identified themselves as Dinesh, Sowmya and Sandya. They later urged the villagers to join hands with their cause and support their struggle. They left the village after 10 p.m. and were moving away into the forests when the police surrounded the house of Yogappa.

Sources in the village said that the police were behind the naxalites who were moving ahead on the mountain. They are uncertain as to who fired the first shot. The police said that they recovered a grenade, a rifle and some handbills and other literature from the site of the encounter. The body of the dead naxalite was brought to Sringeri on Tuesday morning.

However, the initial surmise of the police that it belonged to Vikram Gowda was proved false once Gowda's parents saw the body. Efforts are on to find the identity of the deceased.

Meanwhile, security has been tightened across Chikmagalur, especially in the Malnad belt where naxalites are active.

This is the second encounter killing in Chikmagalur district, the first being the death of naxalite kingpin Saketh Rajan and his associate on February 6, 2005, at Menasinahadya.

Senior police officers including Inspector-General of Police Satyanarayan and Mr. Vipul Kumar are camping in Sringeri. The police have intensified their search for naxalites in the region.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Communists of the west bengal are lumpenised completely, this was confirmed by their attitude in Singur incidence . No one can deny the need of Indian companies like Tata for the development of the country in industrial region but it should not take place at the cost of aam admi's life.

I remember one incidence that i read long time ago -- once a foreigner [prime minister or something , i don't remember exactly] came to assembly . He was astonished by seeing the communist leaders in the parliament , he asked nehru " how is this possible ? In our country we keep comnmunists in jail , but here...... " Nehru smiled and said "Ya in our nation we keep them in parliament"

Here is an article for you about the cruelty of the so called communist government---:-

Murder and rape in Singur

I have got some very disturbing news from Singur.
The news has been coming in Different news channels for past half n hour
The half charred body of a 18 yrs. old girl was found near the land occupied by the Govt. in Singur.
Her name is Tapasi Malik. She is from the bajemelia village.
She was an active member of the Krishi jsmi Rakhsha committee, the organisation which was fighting against the land acquisition in Singur.
The villager have alleged that she went to the fields at dawn for some reason(perhaps to answer the call of nature)
There she was raped and murdered by the Police and CPM cadres who were guarding the land that has been seized from the peasants.
Then they tried to burn her body to any evidence of the crime.
The police is not saying any thing and have taken the body to the hospital.
The news is still breaking and I shall post more about it as soon as possible.

Article by dreamer

Thursday, December 14, 2006


About 4 in the afternoon, She was about to have bath when her mom called up. She told her mom she would call back after having bath. She never did.She died while having bath.Prathvishree was a first year medical student in JSS medical college, Mysore. She died after being electrocuted due to a faulty water heater. This accident was bound to happen. The conditions in which the students especially the girls lived were appalling. Sixty girls were put in a single dormitory. The place was swarming with construction workers round the clock. Zero security. All the girls had to manage with a few (probably 4) bathrooms. The bathrooms had faulty old boilers leaking electricity all the time.These were the facilities that were provided to students whose parents payed lakhs of rupees to the college administration.The death of the only child of the Dubai based parents shocked everybody. The students protested against the college authorities who did not bother to respond until the next day. The college also tried requesting the parents to register the death as a suicide.The sad thing was that none of the other parents bothered. They were of the following opinion "What has happened has happened. Let us not spoil the future of our children by going against the college administration." ..Selfish, narrow thoughts. What they didnt think was the fact that it so fucking could have been their child in the place of Prathvishree.Students, by themselves are very vulnerable. Their protest is of not much use as we have seen during the anti-reservation era. They protested for a couple of days and got back to their routine. The parents of Prathvishree on the other hand have taken the issue to court or they are going to. I hope.Lately, I heard the facilities have improved a little. Frankly speaking, I dont know how the parents agreed to put their children in that college, After examining the horrible state of the dormitories. Come on, It does not even have a proper hostel.]


The election between the CM and EX- DCM.
The election between the ruling party and opposite party.
The election in the city of palaces the Chamubndeshwari election created a lot of interest all over the country because it was a war between the Devegowda family and the Congress.
At last congress won the election , they said that Devegowda's family was defeated but the real truth in this election is - corrupt politicians won the war against democracy!!.Neither siddaramaih nor shivabasappa was eligible to win the election . Siddaramaih won just because he spent crores of money , even JDS was not lacking behind in spending money , crores and crores of money was spent in the election. Devegowda himself said that every party uses black money for elections and you can't win the election without it!!.
Why this is happening? are people not aware of these things... they are..... they are recieving 5000/- for each vote........ why? they said however these politicians will not do anything for us in the future they will grab crores of rupees after they win , we earn as much as we can during these election period....... Is this the way our people are getting education............. We can't use the term education ...... people are becoming literates but they are behaving as uneducated...........
None of the political parties gave their protocol of developing the area after they win the election. Each one was busy in scolding other party members[ previously they were in same party , at that time they were scolding opposite party, now they are friends-- this holds good for both the JDS and Siddaramaih] , they don't have an idea to improve the area??
Do we need these type of elections for which the government spends crores and the participants spend more than that ? ? and ofcourse both are peoples money and some without knowing these facts or careless about these issues will earn[?] money from these elections.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006




"Whats the use of publishing the photos of poor people , the strugglers , the damaged bridges , the roads in newspapers ; they never give us advertisement, we can't make money from them. Instead of publishing those things collect information about the stars ...... it brings us advertisement........ we can earn lot of money...... understood?" This is the guideline given to a junior reporter from senior of the commercialised news paper. What they wanted to get published in their paper?
They need information about what a star[?] wears while sleeping, while going to toilet, what are his extra marital affairs...... etc.
This is the situation of our present newspapers. The above incidence is a real one , not a story.
There was an era when newspapers stood for aam aadmi, They made people to organise themself for Indian independence. Just think - Gandhiji's HARIJAN, Bal Gangadar Tilak's KESARI, MARATA had lot of value during the period of Independence.
Even todays newspapers until recently fought for aam aadmi, but the idea of globalisation has changed a lot of things... they are going behind money , ofcourse there are exceptions but only few people are running the papers for the sake of principles .
In the present situation everyone needs money to live but it should not be at the cost of the principles of journalism. My journalist friend was telling me recently " if you are ready to take money then you can earn min of 2 lakhs during this election " he was talking about Chamundeshwari election.
The sincerity of the journalists, their morals have descended in a great extent ; here is an ex: - During the campaign of Chamundeshwari election Minister Chennigappa's car was ceased , lakhs of rupees was in the car , reporter of MYSOORU MITRA who was at the site took photos, following this he was hit by the so called followers of Chennigappa. It's the duty of all the reporters of all the papers to protest this but the scene was totally different !! some senior reporters who hated Siddaramaih and some who liked JDS consoled the young reporters who were planning to protest saying that it all happens during election time , after elections every thing will be allright. This is the present situation of our reporters.
If they can't fight for their justice how can they support the aam aadmi ???


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