Tuesday, July 31, 2007


These incidents make us to have faith in the judiciary system of the country but unfortunately these incidents occur rarely.

After 14 long years the victims of the Bombay blast case are punished , Sanjay dutt was punished atlast today and hopefully he is imprisoned for 6 years , vigorous imprisonement.

I pity for those who prayed to god , who sent lot of Sms to TV channels to release Sanjay , but the court has shown that everyone is equal in front of law, if you improve your behaviour after involving in a crime doesn't matters and whatever is your IMAGE outside the court will remain outside the court only.

However the battle is not yet over , he will appeal to the higher court, let us hope that even their he will be punished.

When more and more celebrities involved in the crime are punished by the court it raises the faith of so called misguided youths {?} like me to believe in Democracy.............. let us hope for more events like this........... LAL SALAM


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil , but because of those who look on and do nothing - Albert einstein.

Action may not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without action - Benjamin Disraeli.

Everyone thinks of changing the world , but no one thinks of changing himself - Leo Tolstoy.

The future depends on what we do in present - Mahatma Gandhi.

Try not to become a man of success but a man of values - Albert Einstein.

A man may die , nations may rise and fall but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death - John.F.Kenedy.

You must be the change you wish in the world - Mahatma Gandhi.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far can we go - T.S.Eliot

Sunday, July 29, 2007



Another president election is over. Unfortunately it was completely filled with dirty politics.Whether new President prathibha patil is fit to be in that post ? Her future steps will tell that.
But about her qualifications? her loyalty to the Nehru family was the most important qualification!!
Inspite of all these politics involved in the election let us congratulate the first women President.
JD(S) steps:-
MLA’s of JD[s] of Karnataka ,showed that inspite of being elected by Democratic way they show least respect to this Democracy.Just because of their Supremo Devegouda’s decisions no one voted in the election. of course their votes are not of that value since Prathibha won the election by a large difference.
But how can these MLA’s come to people and ask their votes in the next election?

Monday, July 23, 2007


Few years back the word terrorist was used to indicate LTTE, ULFA, MAOISTS, PAK BASED MILITANTS etc......... in a broad sense. But in present situation the word TERRORIST has become synonymous with MUSLIM. Though aa muslims may not support a war which is based fully on regional grounds non-muslims of the world are gradually coming to an opinion that all muslims should be viewed with suspicion.

Who is responsible for this situation? America which supported Osama bin laden to fight against Russia; America which started a war against Afghan and Iraq? These reasons are becoming outdated now . Ofcourse they were the initiating factors for the leaders who were blindfolded by the religious thinkings to start a war against non-muslim countries and now countries like Pakistan is also suffering from "PAN ISLAMIC MOVEMENT".

Inspite of many incidents of communal disharmony majority of hindus and muslims lived and living inharmony in our country.Communal wars that occured in India [ excluding those that occured durin independence] were mainly because of individual rivalries [ boy teasing a girl , conflict between 2 persons for some other reasons], big reasons was really rare.

"CHANGE is the only constant thing ". Indian muslims are also getting changed but unforunately they are changing from NATIONALISM TOWARDS PAN ISLAMISM.
Cd's of Saddam Hussain's hanging, Al Qaeda are circulating among muslims particularly in the youth. The elder generation of muslim community is a part of India and they are loyal to India[some more than hindus] but we can't say the same regarding the muslim youth. They are becoming loyal to the religion [i think they have understood it in a wrong way] and not to any nation.

Education will help inshaping a persons characters, it makes individual civilized - these words arelosing meaning because we can believe an illiterate mechanic but not an educated [?] doctor. Some of my senior students were a part of SIMI before it was banned [ this was told to me by a muslim friend who strongly opposed any kind of terrorism] i dont know whether they are still a part of it .
I never hated a person based on his religion. There are some muslims who prayed for the victory of Taliban, but they never prayed during Kargil war.
How can a person neglect his nation?
How can we love such individuals?

The main thing that brings suspicion in non-muslims of India is Madrasas. They are considered as the "SCHOOL OF TERRORISTS". Though many madrasas are like Gurukulas of hindu community accumulation of terrorists in madrasas of Pakistan create suspicion about madrasas in India.
Why this is happening?
The reason is simple people outside the madrasas never know what is happening inside the madrasas, people of muslim community/ Moulvi's have never written an article about their activities in magazines or papers [ I have not read them in any magazine , if anyone finds such article please mail it]. When people start hiding about their activities everyone will get suspicion that some injustifiable activity is taking place there.

Inspite of war for religious sake no one can create disharmony between a MUSLIM WHO TELL 'SHIVA SHIVA' WHEN HE BECOME ANXIOUS AND HINDU TELLING 'YA ALI' AFTER YAWNING. [i am lucky that i know both of them].

Friday, July 20, 2007


Where a government has come into power through some form of popular vote, fraudulent or not, and maintains at least an appearance of constitutional legality, the guerrilla outbreak cannot be promoted, since the possibilities of peaceful struggle have not yet been exhausted. - Ernesto Che Guevara


1]At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.
2]Why does the guerrilla fighter fight? We must come to the inevitable conclusion that the guerrilla fighter is a social reformer, that he takes up arms responding to the angry protest of the people against their oppressors, and that he fights in order to change the social system that keeps all his unarmed brothers in ignominy and misery.
3]The guerrilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area. This is an indispensable condition.

pamplets released by maoists over comrade Raju’s death

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Those dreams:-
Why this happens with me repeatedly?
The incidence occured few years back; that evening i was in "Hi Bangalore" [kannada weekly] office, i was one among 250-300 people who gathered to meet Ganesh Mattennanavar [ police officer who was suspended and arrested for keeping dummy bombs in the 'shashakara bhavana', he was brought out from the jail by Ravi Belagere, editor of Hi Bangalore]. People came from Mandya, Mysooru, Bengalooru, And even from far away districts like Belagaavi and koppala. We had hope and faith in him. He had the capacity to lead people which i think we were or atleast i was lacking. We had a hope that he will lead us in a right path through the organisation "NAMMINDA" meaning from us that was inaugurated on that day. But our hope , our faithdidnot last longer. For some reason unknown to us Ganesh sir joined BJP.He may have felt secure after joining BJP but he made hundreds of people to lose faith in principled people.
Pre Saket Days:-
Saket never thought of revenges. Parvathi and Hajima were killed in Malnad but there was no revenge action from naxals probably because of Saket's leadership.
His main aim was to educate people about the social and economic injusticeprevailed in the area and get support from them to start a fight for justice in a full pledged manner. He never lost his patience which is a quality of good leadership.
Post Saket Days:-
8 were killed in venkatamannahalli following death of saket and shivalingu.Death of saket attracted many people towards naxalism. It gained sympathy from all over the state. Comrades made the movement strong in Malnad.
Still many naxals were killed in malnad after saket's encounter. Naxals killed Sheshaih but it had some good reason.
But in recent days what is happening in Malnad?
Are they getting lumpenised?:-
This is the first doubt [i hope that it is not true. Have they became restless from not doing anything.
Naxals burnt police outpost-no one questions that.
Naxals killed Venkatesh telling that he was a police informant- this is not acceptable completely.Naxals are with guns and the government which has to solve social and economic problems is also with guns and people has to identify themself either with naxals or police. Both can endanger life in the present situation.
Dacoitis done to collect money [ however mail from comrade gangadhar tells that they have not done this, whatever may be the real issue media have projected it as naxal activity gangadhar sir] is not a solution. The situation in Malnad is totally different from AndhraPradesh where landlords are dictators.
Are these problems are due Andhra mentality leaders leading the movement in Malnad? The principles will remain same in any areas but the route should differ.
Government adding 2+2+5+....+.......to the encounter list and naxals killing informants will not solve the problem.
I fear that at last the naxal movement in Malnad will end in a mere fight between police and naxals. That again ruines my hope.
In the end:-
Whatever may be the end result i am grateful to Che , Ganesh, Rajeev dixit, Naxal Comrades because they have made me to go in a right path with principles and i hope and i promise that i will be in the same path till last breath of my life.


CPI (Maoist) statement on state sponsored decoit

Respected editors,representatives of the media and progressive and democratic organizations and individuals. Struggle greetings to you. We are sending this release on dacoit of 4 houses near Agumbe, for your kind information and requesting to publish the same in the esteemed media with due consideration.Yours in struggle GangadharaFor the state committeeCPI(Maoist)karnatakaWide news are conspicuously spread that we did dacoit of 4 houses and taken kilos of silver, tens of thousands of rupees and snatched ear rings and thali and chains from the women by thrashing them e t c.This is stage-managed dacoity by the bajarangadal,bhaaratheeya janatha party leaders and police combine. Police themselves participated with sophisticated weapons and wearing masks with baja ranga dala goons in dacoity as they and bajarangadala are good experienced ones on this by their routine practice of running theft,loot and sandal wood smuggling. This is for diverting public attention from cowardly atyadka fake encounter of theirs and imposing fascist terror and killings on people further.They trying avoid any enquiry of their crimes of cold blooded murders. They earlier also did these type of dacoity nearby kallugudde and other area in smaller level in the name of us. They also burnt government bus in nearby sringeri and tried to charge it on us, but their intention was not fulfilled.They exposed themselves before the public.Police kept silence on those matters.No heroic! Arrests, no heroic! encounters were made for that. They and so-called law keepers did not shout for action on bus burners and looters at that time. The leaders of bajaranga dala and police officials jointly planned this shameful dacoity. They looted gun only for charging blame on us. We never do dacoity,we only sieze looted belongings of common people with criteria of social justice. We do any thing with open declartion. we never hide those things from the people.We did not sent any threatening letter to BJP MLA of theerthahalli Aaraga jnanendra and others.We are not indulge in such acts. We declare openly on any such matters. Jnaanendra got nervoused by his anti social acts,exploitation,patronizing sandal wood and timber mafia and loot, so that he applied for police protection with cunning method ,hero pose and created emotional scene in the house to get sympathy of other members of the assembly. Now lieng shamefully that threatening letter received from us.BJP MLA of karkala Sunilkumar acting as a goon without changing habits and profession of his previous life, without considering whatever oath he took while entering assembly, at least for the name sake.Bajarangadala├»¿½s sandal mafia leader Mahendrakumar shouting arrogantly after completing dacoity to take stringent action on us without any investigation. These three were connived with this plot of dacoity. Ruling government and fascist sanghparivaar playing dangerous games. This will certainly attracts serious repercussions. No one of these crimes can hide from the people. These types of cowardice and cunning acts never won in the history of revolutionary movement. No such reactionary force can divert people and their participation in struggle by these type acts. We are demanding government question Mahendra kumar,Sunilkumaar,Aaraga jnaanendra and police officials on this dacoity by independent investigative agencies other than police department.We requesting to conduct independent enquiries by pro people, democratic and human rights organizations on this dacoity and harassment of women and reveal the facts of dacoity. We are appealing people and democrats to condemn and fight against these communal and state combine├»¿½s crimes on people. With revolutionary greetings GangadharaFor the state committeeCPI(Maoist)karnataka15-07-07

Sunday, July 15, 2007


"Times Network
Bengalooru oct 12 : -
In an unfortunate incident that occured today morning at around 11:00 a.m , Infosys Narayanmurthy's car decelerated because of a small stone lying on the road , Mr. Murty was on his way to home from airport. Chief Minister Mr. xxx .........................."
The day is not far to read a paper with the above news in the main page which will become a Top story of some leading News channel.
Gandhiji dreamed about the development of villages ; his name still furnishes in the banners of National parties but his ideal perished.
Crores of rupees are invested for the development of cities [ especially bengalooru in karnataka] centralising the growth to one centre which naturally attracts the people from far villages , taluks and even districts. This leads to overpopulation in a city which is built to accomodate lesser number of peop-le than present. Then the probles of infrastructurebegins for which government has no solution.
Instead of decentralising the growth they invest further crores to cities unscientifically.
Leaders in the corporate world who are responsible for tjhis tell people to stay in villages and to improve it.
Why should people stay in villages? They don't have roads,adequate water supply , electricity. Educated villagers have to leave their taluk and sometimes even district to get a job and no one can expect them to live in villages which are hundreds of kilometers from the main city bengalooru. If development is equally distributed in all districts question of leaving the home doesn't arises.
At last only aged people live in villages , they cannot work; however they can manage the work in fields but where are field workers???????? they are in city slums................

CPI(Maoist) karnataka- press release on hatyadka fake encounter

Respectable editors and representatives of the media. Struggle greetings. We are sending this press release on fake encounter of Atyadka on 10th july morning.
Please favour this for publication with due consideration in the esteemed media.
Yours in struggle,GangadharaFor the state committeeCPI (Maoist) KARNATAKA11-07-07
State police goons murdered 5 people in atyadka near menasinahadya of koppa talluk.In that our malanadu area committe member com Goutham is one among them. All others are poor asivasi village people.The state armed goons (anti naxalite force) of the state indiscriminately fired on the house from all sides intentionally without caring sleeping people there. They did not considered to leave house owner and others lives even they could avoid that bloodshed. They caught them and later killed there to create terror among struggling people. Now concocted the story of encounter and wounded police etc to cover up their fascist cruelty. After killing they played drama of encounter by firing indiscriminately on that house for few a minutes.
There was no real encounter happened. They avoided public and media to see even dead bodies until 4 o clock yesterday. They tried to wipe out all evidences; including that house holders, of fake encounter. They only allowed seeing the bodies after completing their drama and stories of lies even people protested it strongly. Before that they floated the news as 2dead, 5 were arrested, few were surrendered.5 police were seriously wounded,3 hours of gunfight etc in the media.Kumara swami's coalition government started creating ground for these type of fascist repression on struggling people through creating fear among intellectuals, people and democrats who are voicing against government' s anti people policies and acts. Some intellectuals were even heeded to it and they made public apologies to the government by saying that armed struggle of the people is anti people one, against to the people's interests etc and they are opposing it and supporting the government for maintaining democracy, peace?!…
Com Goutham hailed from poor peasant family of Thurvihal village of sindhnoor talluk in Raichur district. He completed his post graduation, worked as a lecturer for short period and joined our squad few years back. Though he was not familiar with the conditions of the malnad he adjusted himself. He became an area committee member in 2005. He was a good reader; reading of new books is his enthusiastic habit. He was simple and dedicated his life to the people's cause until his last breath. Com. Parmeshwara hailed from the poor adivasi family of hatyadka of koppa talluk, chickmagalore dist. He was active in adivasi struggle, took leading role in several struggles. He was serving as general secretary of anti national park federation. He is much interested in grasping politics of exploitation, feudalism, imperialism etc. He never misses any resources of knowledge. Rame gowdlu,Kaveramma and Sundaresh were poor adivasi peasants of Menasina hadya and Atyadka.They were actively participated in struggles, good, simple and loving people. They always with the side of the masses. They served our squads with affection.
We are saluting these great martyrs. We are heartily sharing sorrows of their family and relatives. By inflicting these types of crimes on humanity and struggling people, revolutionary movement cannot be stopped. Fascist ruling classes were here started applying their entire fascist weapons to destroy and suppress revolutionary and peoples movement as their last resort. They are not comfortable with the so-called democracy, rules, norms etc for their exploitation and loot. Fascist Kumara swami government must take responsibility of these political murders.
Ruling class and imperialist stooges Kumara swami, Yadiyurappa, M.P prakash like politicians and Shankarbidari, A.M. prasad,Vipulkumar like police officers will learn proper lessons from the people and will have to pay proper price for these crimes.
We strongly condemn these cold-blooded murders and strongly demanding to conduct independent judicial enquiry on the matter.
We are demanding to book murder cases on respective police officers and arrest them immediately. We appeal all pro people organizations and individuals to condemn this state murders and fight against it.
All appeal all intellectuals and democrats to condemn this state murder for safeguarding people, their cause, democratic rights and human rights.
We are appealing all human rights organizations and activists to conduct independent enquiries on this matter and reveal actual facts before the public.
With struggle greetings
GangadharaFor the state committeeCPI (Maoist)KARNATAKA11-07-07

naxals killed in malnad region.

5 naxals were killed in an encounter by antinaxal force in koppa taluk of chikmagalur.
The incidence has occured today morning between 7 : 45 to 10:45, police personnel says.The encounter took place when the naxals were in a meeting at a villagers house.
5 naxals were killed i the incident, 1 injured who was shifted to manipal hospital.
Home Minister of Karnataka M.P.Prakash said that 2 policemen got injured during the attack , one sustained serious head injury. Policemen shifted to Manipal hospital, Manipal for further management.
Name of the naxals
Injured person - PraveenHowever these details are not confirmed yet.
Suspicion over the incident:-
The overall incident is creating suspicion whether they are naxals or not.The villagers of the place are very angry about the policemen and they are telling that the people killed by the police are not at all naxals.
The behaviour of the policemen also creating the suspicion.In the beginning they said that only one was killed by name Goutham who is a M.A scholar from Gulbarga university, later they changed the statement that 5 were killed and 3 were arrested, and now they tell that 5 killed , 1 injured. Yet the final statement of the police is awaited.
Police are not allowing any press personnel to enter the region where encounter took place, this is again arousing the suspicion in the way that are they manipulaing the site to show the world that they were naxals, have the polce killed some innocent people and trying to project them as naxal comrades………….. lots of question remains unanswered ????
Can the police justify the death of 5 naxal comrades[?] ???

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The English are like the dead snake which people are afraid even after its death. There is no doubt that the British have lost this battle[here he refers to world war second, initial stage of the war- ashok] . The problem is how to take charge of our country. When the Englishmen are about to leave there is no point in begging independence or getting it as a present from othernations because such an independence cannot last long.........we are young and we have a self respect. We shall take freedom by the strenth of our arms. Freedom is never given It is taken.

June 1942



In this mortal world everything perishes and will perish - but ideals, ideas and dreams donot. One individual may die for an idea - but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives.
To the countrymen i say - forget not that greatest curse for a man is to remain a slave. Forget not that the grossest crime is to compromise with injustice and wrong.
26th nov 1940


Do you want the fragnance of full blown rose? If so , you must accept the thorns. Do you want the splendour of the smiling dawn? If so you must live through the dark hours of the night. Do you want the joy of liberty and solace of freedom? If so you must pay the price and the price of liberty is suffering and sacrifice

Bombay S.C.Bose


If we build our ideals thinking first and last of our family happiness , won't the ideals be wonderful?
We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual wickedness in high places.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Future doctors will be without humanity..... they will be money minded ........... even a single doctor will not care for the patient's benefits.

About 3 years back, i was in 2rd year i think , we did a protest against the rapid and very high price hike in the medical profession. It was a one day protest , we tried to block the roads, people scolded us for disturbing the traffic and also the police started shouting at us.

In reality we are not the sufferers from fees hike, we get loans frpom the bank and more than that rich people will get into the medical profession.

When i joined the medical course our fees was Rs 15,000 per annum for free seat and 1 lakh 7,000 for payment seat. Now these fees are 45,000 and 3kakhs respectively ; these figures are just for MBBS degree. For Post graduation in private colleges it is above 4 lakhs per annum , and only few extremely intelligent people can get seats in government colleges and rich people are affodable to get seats in private sector.

A person from middle class family after spending [ considering free seat in MBBS ] 2 lakhs for MBBS and 12 lakhs for PG [ these figures are just the tution fees , extra fee collected by college and other expenditure of the student including books, hostel etc .. are excluded ] a total of Rs 14 lakhs just for fees , why should one expect that he should serve people , he should work in a rural place where basic facilities are not available for Rs 15- 17,000 per month. I have spent 15 lakhs i will earn it as soon as possible this will be the attitude of future doctors............... whom should we blame ?????


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