Sunday, April 05, 2009

Police concocting stories: Naxals

CHIKMAGALUR: A Naxal outfit has alleged that the police
are spreading false news about the arrest of Naxal activists in Shimoga and Chikmagalur
district and said they are using the press to disseminate their false propaganda. Naxal state committee member Gangadhar said on March 24 the police stated that they arrested two Naxals, including a woman in Shimoga. He said some TV channels and newspapers have also published the police version without verification. He asserted that noone from their outfit has been arrested so far. The woman named by the police does not belong to their outfit. Gangadhar has alleged that by concocting these type of stories the police intend to tarnish the image of the movement and also to instill a negative opinion about the Naxal group among public. He said the BJP government and the police are systematically spreading false information. They have requested the media to play a very responsible role and to maintain some code of conduct while highlighting this type of news.

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