Tuesday, October 12, 2010

‘Injustice breeds Naxalism’ - Justice S R Nayak

source - deccan chronicle

Bengaluru, Oct. 9: Maoist outfits are gaining roots in some places in the state and in the country because people in these places have been denied social justice, said Justice S.R. Nayak, chairman, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission.

While addressing students of Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media on the topic, ‘Violations of human rights by police,’ Justice Nayak said citizens who live in Naxal prone areas extend their support as they feel Naxalites are more humane compared to state authorities.“Nowhere in the world have ultras like Naxals been won over by the use of force or by killing them mercilessly,” he said.

He highlighted the classic case of slain forest brigand Veerappan, who was protected by the villagers themselves by misleading the police force as most of them were denied social justice. Justice Nayak also called for 50 per cent reservation for women in Parliament, stating that they had been denied the right to represent the electorate.

“Around 95 per cent of crimes committed against women and children don’t get reported. There have been instances of women who dare to speak out, getting raped and tortured in the police station itself,” he said. He listed some of the illegal acts committed by the police including their refusal to register crimes, illegal arrests, custodial torture and extrajudicial killings. Explaining the psyche of the police involved in such atrocities, he said: “There are policemen who feel that the only way to get the truth out of the accused is to torture them. Sometimes, the police don’t register a case because of increased workload and sometimes under political pressure.”

“There are policemen who take bribes to register a case,” he said.

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