Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Press release by Communist party of Bhutan.

I got my hands on one press release from the Communist Party of Bhutan – Maoist. It is dated February 02, 2008.
Here's what it says in general, with "raktim abhivadan" (red salute, I reckon)
"In the changing political scenario of Bhutan, the Communist Party of Bhutan - Maoists has also changed its strategies. CPB – Maoist, which considers all the parties against the monarchy as cohorts, has decided to take brutal actions against those parties that try to harm this party."
Then it lists out the "Present Targets for Physical Action" that are -
Block Chiefs (Gup) and their allies living on the land of refugees (in Bhutan) and ruling over the people.Government officials and Indian traders that have alliance with the state and are engaged in commission-ism.
The press release also states "the CPB Maoists has decided to take a vicious physical action against one unidentified Moto Rai of Beldangi 3 for attempting to disrupt the party's people's revolution."
I suppose that Beldang 3 means the Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal and the party is taking in a lot of inspiration from what CPN Maoists did during the insurgency in Nepal.

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