Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Indian Communists in Solidarity with Nepal People

Press-ReportIn a significant move, about a dozen and half parties and organisations of Indian revolutionaries, upholding Marxism-Leninism or Marxism-Leninism- Maoism/Mao Thought shared the same platform publicly on June 23, 2008 for the first time in the history of Indian revolutionary movement, unanimously conveying greetings to CPN Maoist for its victory in recently held Constituent Assembly Election even as resolutely supporting the present political line – Constituent Assembly Election and Federal Democratic Republic- pursued by CPN (Maoist). On this occasion, Chairman of the CPN (Maoist) com. Prachand had sent a felicitation letter wishing grand success of the programme jointly organized by Solidarity Initiative for the Revolutionary Struggle in Nepal at University Institute Hall in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, where the spark of legendry Naxalite movement was ignited in 1970s. The felicitation letter states, "certainly, the Constituent Assembly Election has now laid a foundation of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal and monarchy, the feudal institution, has been demolished but the Nepalese people's struggle against feudalism and imperialism is by not means over. Therefore the days ahead are more challenging.". Acknowledging the importance of proletarian solidarity at international level the letter further says, "in the present situation of augmenting imperialist offensive, mainly the U.S. we hold that the success of the proletarian revolution in a certain country has been dependent, more than before, on whether or not the proletariat class can develop internationally a strong revolutionary movement to fight imperialism." Com. Prachanda in his message also added that the present political change in Nepal was not possible had there been no strong solidarity of revolutionary, left and democratic forces and individuals the world over, in general and in India, in particular.Delivering the keynote address in the meeting after reading out the felicitation letter of Chairman on behalf of the party before the large gathering of participants who reached to the venue from every corner of West Bengal , party representative and Provincial Committee Member, com. Laxman Pant said that the victory scored by Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is also the victory of international proletariat . He further added that this is the victory of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism, the indomitable ideology of the proletariat as well as the defeat of Khrushchevite revisionism and parliamentary- ism. It may be noted that West Bengal has been the stronghold and epicenter of revisionism in India where parliamentary communists are ruling the province over three decades. He urged all the forces that before making any opinion on Nepalese revolution they must make an overall objective assessment of present world situation adding that contrary to the favourable objective situation in the period of Bolsevik and Chinese revolutions when there was sharp inter-imperialist rivalry and world war, making imperialism and revisionism weaker, the subjective and objective situation is entirely different and adverse in our times. He said although party has achieved vital political and tactical victories, nevertheless the final victory is still far and the class struggle is not over.He further called upon all the participating parties and organization not to establish any view about party's ideology, line, policies and programmes by going through the media reports and interviews given by the leaders in the media but by scrutinizing the party's official statements and documents. The list of other speakers who presented their views in the meeting included com. Santosh Rana General Secretary of PCC, CPIML and convenor of the organizing committee, Com. Somnath Chaterji, leader, SOC CPI ML, Com. Amrit Paira, leader Mazdoor Kishan Party com. Sadanand Bagal, West Bengal State Committee, Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI), com Animesh Chakrawarty, CPI-ML Liberation, Com. Pradip Singh Thakur, CPI ML New Democracy, Com. Shukhendu Bhattacharya, Workers Party, Com. Alok Mukherji, CPI ML Janshakti, Com. Prasun Chaterji, Gan Pratirodh Manch, Com. Sukhendu Sarkar, D.M.S., Com. Sailen Bhattacharya, CPI (ML) PCC, Com. Yash Das CCRML, Varnali Mukerji, CPB. The Other two parties, namely CRLI and CPRM who gave their consent for the programme, however, could not make it to the programme. The meeting was chaired by the three-member Presidium namely com. Sukhendu Bhattacharya, com. Sadanand Bagal and Com Pradip Banerji . All the speakers, unanimously stressed the need to build a strong Indian people's solidarity movement in support of Nepalese revolution and resolutely resist the external intervention from Indian expansionism and U.S. imperialism. They expressed the view that Nepali revolution has provided renewed energy to the revolutionaries in India and world over. In the final a resolution was passed jointly. The joint resolution adopted by fourteen parties states that "The people of Nepal have achieved significant victory in the long drawn struggle for abolition of monarchy and establishment of democracy and democratic republic under the leadership of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). This assembly express its solidarity with the Nepalese people and sends its revolutionary greetings for the victories achieved by them under the leadership of CPN (Maoist). At the same time this assembly is severely condemning U.S. imperialism and Indian expansionism and other reactionaries who are trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Nepal and is expressing its resolve in support of revolutionary struggle of Nepali people led by CPN (M). The resolution was tabled before the meeting by Com. Santosh Rana. The proceedings were conducted by Com. Pradip Banerji. On this occasion a momento was presented to the Chairman of CPN (M) by CPI ML Janshati which was received by com. Laxman Pant on behalf of the party. The programme came to an end after a vote of thanks by com. Sukhendu Bhattacharya on behalf of the Presidium.New Delhi 28 June 2008 Laxman Pant

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