Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nepal Maoists revive Parallel State Structure

Enraged and pretty annoyed by their disrespectful departure from the government structure, the Maoists party has begun reactivating the people's local government and people's court that had been dismantled by the party's high command after the party became a part of the main-stream politics more so when it formed the government.
The Maoists Party Central Secretariat meeting of the Dharan City Committee, Sunsari District, stated on Thursday May 28, 2009, that the move was aimed at confronting the government based in Kathmandu that is formed ignoring what is called the peoples' supremacy.
The Maoists party had constituted the parallel structure at time of the peoples' revolt that was kept in a dormant state after the party became a part of the main-stream politics.
"The Dharan Committee meeting also assured that the party will continue to fight for restoring peoples' supremacy and provide justice to the needed ones."
"It is not a Peoples' Court in the strictest sense of the term but it is yet in its embryonic stage", said Dharan district in-charge Mr. Chotlung.

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