Monday, June 08, 2009

PCP Kill Soldier, Wound Four Others in Peru

LIMA – At least one soldier died and four more were wounded in an attack launched by Communist Party Of Perú (PCP) against the military base at Sanabamba in the Ayacucho region.
On Friday the attack occurred during a changing of troops at the military base, when a helicopter arrived bringing reinforcements.
Defense Ministry officials said that the aircraft was not shot down, but was hit by several bullets in the fuselage.Soldiers at the Sanabamba base are carrying out an offensive against the PCP in the valley of the Aspurimac and Ene rivers (VRAE), who move throughout this jungle region in an attempt to establish base areas.
It was in that same area that the PCP ambushed an army patrol last Easter Week, leaving 14 soldiers dead.The Maoist-inspired group launched its uprising on May 17, 1980, with an attack on Chuschi, a small town in Ayacucho province.

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