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Press Release
September 29, 2009
Source: Peoples March Nov 2009
Regd. with the RNI No.: KER ENG/2000/2051
The Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram (SMC) fascist clique has stepped up its cruel war against the people in the areas of armed struggle led by the Maoists. It launched its biggest-ever armed onslaught on the adivasis and the CPI(Maoist) leading them from the second half of September this year. Having turned mad and desperate after the dismal failure of their four-yearlong state-sponsored counter-revolutionary terrorist campaign of mass murder of adivasis, mass rapes of adivasi women, and destruction of adivasi villages and property in the name of salwa judum, the Congress-BJP fascist combine had begun the biggest-ever state terrorist offensive in the vast adivasi-inhabited hinterland in order to pave way for the unbridled plunder of the region by imperialist MNCs and comprador big business houses.
The SMC fascist clique had drawn up an elaborate conspiratorial plan under the guidance of the US imperialists to carry out mass extermination of the adivasis so as to loot the enormous mineral and forest wealth in the region. Several thousand crores of rupees are paid to the faithful brokers like Chidambaram, Raman Singh, Naveen Patnaik and others by the MNCs and the Indian big business houses to suppress the armed uprisings of the adivasi masses in the region stretching from Paschimi Midnapur-Purulia-Bankura to North Andhra and North Telengana. Chidambaram, the Indian avatar of Adolf Hitler had finalized the plan during his trip to Washington last fortnight.
The hideous plan includes aerial bombardment of some Maoist-held areas even at the cost of heavy civilian casualties, destruction of several clusters of villages and resettling the inhabitants in Vietnam-type “strategic hamlets” which they had already tried through the salwa judum with limited success, setting up permanent heavily-fortified police camps in the interior regions after clearing up the region of Maoists and adivasi peasantry, and carrying out propaganda campaign against the Maoists through cultural performances, media ads, and so on. On September 25th at least a dozen adivasis were murdered by the CRPF and other repressive forces of the state in the district of Bijapur. A week prior to this at least 30 adivasis were murdered in Singanamadugu in the Palachalma forest in Dantewada district by Chidambaram’s Cobras after they were beaten
back by the Maoist guerrillas and losing six of their men.
In a move that reminds us of the desperate morale-boosting trips to Iraq and Afghanistan by Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Co, the US imperialist agent Chidambaram too rushed to Raipur and Ranchi on September 25 to boost up the morale of the central forces deployed in these states and assured the state governments of all assistance in suppressing the Maoists. It is clear that the SMC clique is all set to carry out a blood-bath in vast parts of the country where the people’s war is surging ahead. And to justify this hideous plan these Indian offspring of Goebbels have intensified the psychological war through media ads against the Maoists. The photos of police agents and Special Police Officers punished by the Maoists are prominently published in the ads in a vain attempt to prove that revolutionary violence by the Maoists is senseless. This cheap trick cannot fool the people who are witness to the daily violence perpetrated by the reactionary rulers and their lawless armed gangs called the security forces. Thousands of Maoist revolutionaries and even a greater number of innocent civilians were murdered by these repressive forces in the past four decades. In just four years of the bloody salwa judum campaign since June 2005, over 500 adivasis were brutally murdered by the combined forces of salwa judumn goondas, police and central forces in two districts of Chhattisgarh alone. Can Chidambaram succeed in fooling the people through his Goebbels’ propaganda? Such cheap propaganda is certain to ultimately back-fire on his face.
The CC, CPI(Maoist) appeals to all revolutionary, democratic and peace-loving forces to unite to resist this fascist countrywide offensive by the Central and state governments, build a mass movement to force the reactionary rulers to stop this mass murder of the adivasi people, and extend solidarity and all kinds of help to the victims of this bloody state terrorist violence. It calls upon the entire rank and file of the Party, the brave PLGA fighters, and the revolutionary masses to rise up courageously to confront the brutal offensive unleashed by the imperialist agents ruling our country, to prepare for immense sacrifices in this war of resistance, and by displaying exemplary steadfastness and courage to inflict severe blows on the mercenary CoBRAs and other state-hired forces that are causing havoc in the areas of armed struggle.
Central Committee, CPI(Maoist)

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