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Hail the Heroic Resistance of Maoist PLGA against the CoBRA-led massive brutal offensive in Dandakaranya! Condem n the mass murder of unarmed adivasis

Press Release September 29, 2009
Source: Peoples March Nov 2009
Regd. with the RNI No.: KER ENG/2000/2051
On 18 September 2009, Chidambaram-Raman Singh’s central para-military and state police mercenaries led by the speciallytrained CoBRA commandos began their blood-bath in the forests of Dandakaranya to establish the ‘rule of law’ of the imperialist MNCs, comprador big business houses and unscrupulous contractors. Code-named ‘Operation Green Hunt’, the biggest-ever offensive till date, mobilized around 4000 CRPF and BSF troops of the Centre, STF and other special police forces from Chhattisgarh, and the Grey Hounds from Andhra Pradesh. Around 600 commandos of the CoBRA force led the anti-Maoist, anti-adivasi operation. The Operation Green Hunt which was unleashed in Kishtaram-Gollapalli area in Dantewada district, is itself a part of the larger ‘Operation Godavari’ encompassing the states of Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa which is meant to turn Godavari into a river of blood of innocent adivasis. All these brutal so-called mopping-up operations are planned and executed by a unified command set up to co-ordinate the police forces of seven states besides the central forces. Simultaneous operations are launched in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal so as to cover the entire adivasiinhabited region stretching from Paschimi Midnapur-Bankura-Purulia in West Bengal to Srikakulam-Vishakhapatnam- Vizianagaram in North Andhra Pradesh and Khammam in North Telengana.
The Maoist PLGA guerrillas beat back the massive brutal offensive most courageously and wiped out at least six CoBRA mercenaries including two assistant commandants, one SI, and three other CoBRAs. At least 20 more Cobra personnel are said to be missing after the operation. This is the biggest ever loss suffered by the CoBRA commandos. Demoralised by the serious losses, these mercenaries pounced on the surrounding adivasi villages, caught several unarmed adivasis and murdered them in cold blood. After this ghastly massacre, these ‘brave’ commandos claimed that 30 Maoists were killed in a series of encounters. Thus the ‘rule of jungle law’ of Manmohan Singh-Chidambaram-Raman Singh was implemented.
The brutal onslaught launched by central and state forces in the forests of Dandakaranya reveals the extreme demoralization and utter desperation of the imperialist-backed Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram clique at the Centre, and Raman Singh’s saffron regime in Chhattisgarh, whose plans to isolate the Maoists and to lay their dirty hands on the vast mineral wealth in the adivasi-inhabited regions in Eastern and Central India or the so-called Red Corridor, have come to a nought. Chidambaram and his bunch of Washington-trained gangsters in the Home Ministry first outlawed the CPI(Maoist) and declared it as a terrorist organization. Then they stepped up their savage state terror and state-sponsored terror in the name of establishing the ‘rule of law’. It is the massive participation of the adivasi masses, led by the CPI(Maoist), into militant struggles against the antipeople policies of the government that has rattled the rulers and prompted them to unleash a brutal reign of state terror in the name of countering the so-called terrorism of the Maoists. However, with the staunch support of the adivasis masses, the PLGA led by the CPI(Maoist) had heroically confronted and defeated several police offensives causing considerable losses to the security forces. Neither the CoBRAs nor other commando forces trained in jungle warfare, nor the Rashtriya Rifles of the Indian Army which the desperate rulers want to deploy, can suppress the just movement led by the Maoists whose roots are firmly entrenched among the vast oppressed masses of India.
We call upon the entire Party ranks, the heroic fighters of PLGA, and the members of all revolutionary mass organizations to mobilise the masses all over the country into militant movements against the brutal onslaught by the Congress-led UPA government and the BJP’s Raman Singh government in Dandakaranya. We call upon all democratic-minded organizations and individuals, and the entire people of the country to condemn with one voice the fascist onslaught unleashed by the Central and state governments on the adivasi peasant masses and the Maoists who are leading them in their struggle against displacement, exploitation and oppression by the imperialist MNCs, comprador big business houses and the parasitic Indian state.
Central Committee

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